Flower Pot Heater – The reality and science.

The flower pot heater have been touring the YouTube and News Media for quite some time. I found it interesting as a cheap source of heat for my greenhouse. The ingredients requires 2 clay pots, 1 baking bread pan and 4 tea light candles.

I made the heater by placing the 4 tea light candles in the baking pan and placing the smaller clay flowerpot on top. Then you place the bigger flower pot to of that the smaller one. After 1 hour the temperature reached 277 degrees.

I was impressed with the amount of heat it could hold. But other than that it was not impressive. The unit is top heavy and falls over easily. You would only get about 3 hours of maximum heat off of the small candles.

Lastly it holds the heat well but doesn’t released its output effectively. This heater is more of a radiant heat and can only be felt a 8 inches from the top and closer on the sides.

It Grows Things.

Flower Pot Heater

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  1. dennis such says:

    its totally fake

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