Vegitate 2016 Channel Trailer

Our latest garden channel trailer for the year 2016 on Youtube.

Sunny Gurl Hybrid Tomato Reveal

Here are results of the cross breeding we did last year of our tomato hybrid called Sunny Girl.  This is the 3rd generation of the tomato or a F3 and we got some interesting yet unstable results from our cross. We are now going down a cross road of 2 different variants to see what we get for our next generation in the F4.

How To Use A Coriander Seeds In The Kitchen

How to reuse a black pepper grinder with your coriander seeds to freshen up any food dish in your kitchen.

Introducing The Tomato Saver

Record rain fall in the south including Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas has destroyed a lot of plants, gardens and farmland. I have never seen so much rain fall in my garden and scrambling on what to do to save my tomato plants. I came up with a tongue in cheek way to save my tomato plants with my latest invention called the Tomato Saver.