A Sticky Situation – Tanglefoot on Fruit Trees, Tree Series 1 of 2

We are sick and tired of the ants getting their fill on our fruit from our peach trees. Today we stopped them with Tree Tanglefoot. The trees have been hit every year and Tree Tanglefoot is OMRI listed for organic farming and it is using 1885 technology. The product is inexpensive and easy to apply and reapply. The product is so easy to apply my kids could do it.

Peach Tree Blossom

It is sticky, Tanglefoot almost looks like caramel, It is made from natural gum resins, vegetable oil and bees wax.
Use it to stop crawling insects like ants, canker worms, army & tent caterpillars, climbing cut worms, pecan and root weevils, gypsy moths

Here are a few places you can buy it at online:




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Greenhouse Destruction

Last year we bought a greenhouse to extend our growing season from the company http://www.deltacanopy.com
Almost 1 year later we are removing the greenhouse.
According to the website the film is now UVA and UVB protected, I don’t remember it that way before.

This Polyethylene film was not UV protected. The plastic was brittle, cracking, shrinking, and ripping with the press of your finger. If you buy a hot house like this make sure the skin is UV protected.

On a side note, the 1.34 inch steel welded frame is holding strong and can easily be skinned with another plastic.